10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

  1. Back in the day, I was an inline speed skater and qualified for the junior olympics.
  2. I don’t do laundry in our house, Kevin does all the laundry and I fold. This is only because I can’t bring myself to use 3 cups of laundry detergent, 2 cups of fabric softener, and 1 cup of scent booster to ONE load of laundry. Sorry, I just can’t.
  3. I changed my major in college three times. I started out in the dental hygiene program, then decided old and sick people gave me anxiety, so I switched to marketing. While in marketing, I met the most AMAZING English professor and she talked me into changing my major to English because it gave me an outlet for so many professions (law school, journalism, teaching, etc). I did finally graduate with my bachelors in English.
  4. When I leave the house, I always turn on HGTV for our dog Milo. It’s my favorite channel, so I just pretend it’s his too.
  5. I used to be in FFA (Future Farmers of America) in high school, where I competed in speech competitions, dairy cattle judging, livestock judging, etc.  I even raised two pigs!
  6. I have REALLY BAD ANXIETY. I take medicine everyday (zoloft). It’s like I have anxiety about having anxiety. It’s not social or anything like that, because I love speaking and being around large groups of people. Mainly, it’s health related symptoms that trigger my anxiety. I would like to think I’m very healthy, but as soon as my heart rate gets higher for no reason, it feels stronger, or I have a random pain somewhere, I start freaking out. I’ve learned a lot over the years to calm down and stop focusing on being “too aware” of my body, so it has been much better. My medicine doses have actually gotten smaller, since I have acquired better coping skills. Anxiety IS REAL and you are not alone.
  7. In middle school, I was at a friend’s house down the street, and I got a brush stuck in the top part of my hair and had to walk home holding a box of cookies over my head covering the brush. Talk about embarrassing! My mom had to cut rocker bangs….I pretty much had a mullet and go figure picture day was the same month. No….you will NEVER see the picture.
  8. I debated sharing this one with you guys, but if we are being honest….I really hate taking showers. Of course I take them and LOVE how I feel after, but it doesn’t mean I like the process. I am faster at taking a shower than Kevin. He is like ocd, seriously the most hygienic person I’ve ever met and I just don’t like spending THAT much time in the shower. Sorry, not sorry.
  9. I really truly love Indian, Lebanese, Jamaican, Spanish, and Mediterranean cuisine (did I just name like every type?) I just love food with spice and major flavor!
  10. I honestly wake up everyday in a great mood, smiling, laughing, and just being genuinely happy (you can even ask Kevin or my BFF). It is TOTALLY possible! It’s always best when you start the day with a smile 🙂

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