Eurocup Playoffs: Loko vs. Zenit 75-52

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It’s that time of year… We just played our first Eurocup playoff game at home against Zenit (St. Petersburg) and won 75-52.  Kevin had nine points, four rebounds, two assists, and a steal.  It will be a three game series.  Hopefully, we win the first two games and quickly advance to the next round.  Then it will be off to the Final Four!

Eurocup playoffs are super important, because the champions of Eurocup automatically advance to Euroleague the following year.  And for those of you who don’t know, Euroleague is like the NBA of overseas basketball. It is the highest league the guys can play in.  Right now, Eurocup is the second best.

Soooo, wish us luck!  The guys will play in St. Petersburg tomorrow for game two of the series.

Here are a few photos from the game the other night:

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