Friends Around the World: Moscow, Russia

Hello my loves! I just came back from such an amazing trip in Moscow, Russia with my friend Joki.  I met her last year in Belgrade, Serbia when Kevin played for Partizan. Meeting her was such a blessing! I can safely say she turned my whole experience of Belgrade into one I will never forget. She showed me the brighter side of the city, and what an amazing place it truly is.  She is such a beautiful person, inside and out, and I’m so thankful I found a lifelong friend.

I haven’t seen Joki since the end of basketball season last year, since we live across the world from each other.  We’ve stayed in contact throughout the year, as if I never left Belgrade. Our friendship just comes easy.  This season, since Kevin is playing in Russia, we decided to plan a little meet up in Moscow.  Moscow is about a 2 hour flight from Krasnodar and a 2.5 hour flight from Belgrade, so it was perfect!

Our trip didn’t start out the best, haha.  We arranged our flights so we could arrive the same time at the Moscow Airport in the morning, thennnn…..her flight was delayed.  Her new time was scheduled for that evening, so I just decided to make my way to our hotel to nap.  Traffic is terrible in Moscow btw, so an hour later I arrived at the hotel. Our hotel looked so cute on the outside. It was a picturesque ‘Russian’ looking hotel (if that makes sense).  I checked in and already started second guessing our stay.  We were on the 4th floor and there was no elevator in the hotel!  Thankfully, they had someone carry my bags up all the stairs.  Once I opened the door to the room, I knew we were catfished. The room looked NOTHING like the photos on the internet when we booked the hotel. I could have cried. It looked like an old dorm room, maybe worse.  I even sat on the bed and the mattress touched the floor.  I knew right then and there that we were not staying there.  A few calls later, I managed to have another hotel booked and then carried my bags down all 4 flights of stairs.  Luckily, I was able to get a refund.  I may or may not have told a little white lie about my trip being cancelled and I needed to go home, but it worked! No more old dorm room.

I arrived at the new hotel and felt completely relieved.  We stayed in the business district of Moscow, which is such a clean, pretty area. Finally, I was able to relax.  Then, problem number three came up…. Joki missed her already delayed flight due to a mix up at security. Soooo, I was spending the night by myself in Moscow. I was just happy I was staying in a nice hotel, so I was content. I slept so much that night, haha. Once she arrived the next day, it was smooth sailing from there.  We met up with one her friends that lives in Moscow and she took us around everywhere using the metro, we walked everywhere we could in one night.  We had the most amazing time together!  It was a super short trip, but totally worth it.  Now we can look back and laugh at the whole situation. I was sad to say bye to Joki, buuuuuuut she is a bridesmaid in my wedding this summer, so I will see her again for all the wedding festivities in a few months! 🙂

Here are some photos of us in Red Square and by Saint Basil’s Cathedral…


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