Wedding Series: Why We Chose a Wedding Planner

Hi my loves! I thought a little wedding series would be nice, since wedding details are taking over my life lately. Choices like…blush or clear uplighting…fruit wood or gold chiavari chairs…round tables or rectangle or BOTH, when to send out invitations, who is styling the reception tables?

Thank goodness we found the most amazing wedding planner. Her name is Katie Gyorko.  She just GETS me.  It’s important to find someone who understands you and your vision.  Katie and I find ourselves laughing half the time because we end up saving the same photo on pinterest to show one another for inspiration.  Your wedding planner is your new BFF. It’s important to find someone that you “click with”.

Here are the reasons we chose to hire a wedding planner for our big day:

We are moving to Russia for 10 months

I knew with our upcoming move to Russia this basketball season it wouldn’t be possible to tackle all the appointments and wedding planning details on our own and we love our friends too much to put that burden on them.  Kevin and I decided we would leave it to the professionals.  We thought it would be a great idea to hire a wedding planner to help us stay organized and maintain our sanity during this stressful time of planning.  He has basketball to focus on and doesn’t want to be tortured with questions like…”Babe, which ivory linens do you like better, vanilla shantung or cashmere lace?”  Don’t get me wrong, I do bother him anyway just because it’s entertaining to see his reactions 😉

Keeping our budget in tact

One thing I love the most is that Katie doesn’t pressure me to get the best of the best for everything. She has taught me how to save in some areas and splurge in others.  It’s all about finding balance.  I am comfortable telling her I don’t want to spend money on X and I’d rather save the budget for Y.  She knows my style and my vision.

Katie and I have mastered how to pace ourselves with presenting news to Kevin on additions or needs for the wedding.  We both know Kevin is a delicate little flower and too much water (expenses) will kill him…literally…if he is given them all at once.  She knows how he operates.

Handling all the paperwork. We don’t want to do it.

The amount of paperwork can be overwhelming if you are at it alone.  Thanks to our wonderful wedding planner we don’t have to keep tabs on any paperwork.  She simply collects the quotes and contracts from all the vendors, sends them to my email, Kevin and I sign them, and send them back to her. Wala! The process can’t get much easier.

Communication between all vendors and attending appointments

Since we are not in the country, it’s important that we have someone in the area to meet with the vendors, check samples (making sure everything looks good in person), etc.  Your wedding planner is your set of eyes and voice when you cannot be present.  Communication is so important between you and your wedding planner.  Katie and I always make sure we are on the same page every step of the way.  It makes things run that much more smooth.  Honestly, it doesn’t even feel like we are planning a wedding because it’s been such a fun process.

Styling & Design

One thing that drew me to Katie was her eye for style and design.  I saw some of her work for styled shoots and fell in love!  I really love paying attention to styled shoots because it allows you to see what your wedding designer and vendors are capable of creating for your big day.  They aren’t tied down to budgets and other couples styles, so they have control, allowing you to see their full creative potential.  Small details are important to me.  I have a vision for our wedding and I knew that Katie’s eye was the best for our style and taste.

The Bottom Line

With a wedding planner, Kevin and I have the luxury of focusing on our normal day to day, while making wedding decisions a million miles away.  Knowing everything is running smoothly and having someone we trust makes the world of difference! It is important to Kevin and I that we enjoy every second of our wedding without the stresses of handling contracts, meeting with vendors, and other coordinating tasks.  This is a magical day for us and we are so excited to see all the hard work Katie and all the other vendors create.  So far it has been a joy to work with her and her team.

If any future brides are looking for a wedding planner in the Morgantown, WV area, I highly recommend Katie Gyorko Planning & Design She is amazing!

Katie Gyorko Planning & Design

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  1. Anesha Collins | 17th Mar 17

    As a professional wedding photographer and cinematographer this blog post has a lot of great nuggets. I’ve shared this blog post on my blog to help Bride’s with your amazing advice.

    • | 31st May 17

      Thank you so much for your kind words and sharing the post! Hopefully, this will help some brides narrow down options 🙂

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