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Is it odd I knew who I wanted to be our wedding photographer before we were even engaged? I’ve followed the work of Callie Lindsey for a few years and I knew I had to have her photograph our special day when the time came.  In my previous post, I stressed the importance of finding a wedding planner/designer that fit your style and I’ll say it again about your wedding photographer.  Callie Lindsey has this natural light, soft, whimsical style to her photographs that turn out beautifully.  It was important for me to find a photographer with their own creative style that complimented the vision for our wedding.

In this basketball life, between coaches recruiting schedules, workouts, NBA summer league, and overseas deadlines, we only have a few weeks out of the year to actually have a wedding.  Our time frame is pretty slim and a great photographer’s schedule fills up quick.  Out of the four Saturdays we could get married, she was booked! So, I did what any reasonable person would do… I moved our wedding date to a Friday 🙂 Sure we could have found a different photographer, but I didn’t want to. She had to be our photographer, my heart was set on it.

We recently had an engagement session with her before we left for Russia.  I was worried Kevin was going to have a difficult time spending a couple hours smiling and being all “lovey” in front of a camera, but Callie made the experience completely painless for him.  She was so professional and efficient with time it was over before we knew it.  We couldn’t be happier with the photos. They turned out beautiful!  You can see for yourself below 🙂  I can only imagine what the wedding day is going to be like. I’m beyond excited!


To see more of her work, you can check her and her baby hedgehogs out on Instagram or her website You won’t be disappointed 🙂




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  1. Callie Lindsey | 13th Mar 17

    Oh my goodness, I just came here to stalk your amazing blog and now I’m totally tearing up at this!!! You are the best. You two have been total dream clients and I’m so excited for your day.

    • | 31st May 17

      You are amazing! Beyond excited for the big day! 🙂

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